Social Listening Word Cloud Generator

Understanding Social Listening

Social listening involves tracking conversations around specific topics, keywords, phrases, brands, or industries, and leveraging these insights to discover opportunities or create content for your audiences.

Example of a word cloud generated from social media data.
Example Word Cloud from Social Listening

How It Works

Here you can generate a word cloud from the text you input. Common words like 'and', 'the', 'about', etc., are ignored to highlight the most significant words. Words are sized based on their frequency in your text.

You can find the code for this in this repo.

How to Use

Simply enter your text into the box below and click 'Generate Word Cloud'. Your word cloud will appear on the canvas. Words with five or more characters and not in the common words list will be included. To save your word cloud, right-click on the canvas and select 'Save image as...'. Choose the desired location on your computer and save the image in your preferred format.